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Touch Screen Support / Real Time Control / 3D Feedback During Cuts / Reads G-Code / Control Everything Straight From Your PC

Ball Screws No Belts

Pulleys, drive belts and gear boxes add slack and vibration, reducing precision and wrecking cuts and finishes. That’s why you won’t find us using them in our CNC machines, which are driven by high-precision ball screws on each axis.

Rigid Frame Providing Stability

Our welded, structural aluminum frame is extremely rigid for maximum accuracy. Securely positioning heavy components without fuss. The frame is built around a solid base and has mounting flanges in each corner. This gives you the option to secure your CNC machine to one of our i2R stands or your existing work table.

Prismatic Linear Guide Rails

The coefficient of friction on our linear guides is a very small fraction of the friction caused by traditional round guides. This greatly enhances accuracy of movement and is a key feature behind the high precision of our CNC machines.

4th Rotary Axis Capable

For turning and lathe style CNC machining, every I2R Machine is built ready to add a 4th Axis Rotary Kit.

6W or 15W Lasers light it up

CNC machines are often used for carving and engraving. You can engrave wood, leather, even stainless steel with our powerful 6W engraving laser.

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