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Touch Screen Support. Real Time, 3D Feedback During Cuts. Control Every Aspect of your CNC Machine from your Computer

UCCNC is the best CNC control solution on the market. The software reads the G-code created from various CAD/CAM packages such as VCarve. You can control every function of the CNC machine straight from your PC.

Precision Linear Guide Rails. On Point, On Time. All day long

Our linear guide rails utilize recirculating bearings between a prismatic rail and a bearing block. The coefficient of friction on our linear guides is only a small fraction of what is created by traditional round guides, and are able to take loads in all directions. This is how our CNC machines achieve high precision and greatly enhance moving accuracy.

Precision Ball Screws. No Belts, No Pulleys, No Gear Boxes, No Problems

i2R CNC machines are driven by high-precision ball screws on each axis. All 3 axes utilize recirculating ball bearings to provide tight tolerance and offer unmatched accuracy within 0.15mm. Ball screws has the ability to create low internal friction, while withstanding high thrust loads at incredible feed rates. Compared to many competitors using lead screws, rollers, pulleys, rack and pinion, i2R destroys within its own class.

Rigidity Like No Other Machines in the Price Range

Heavy components traveling at a high rate of speed generate high forces of inertia. The horizontal gantry crossbeam support under the rigid frame and the vertical gantry uprights takes all that force with ease. Each gravity cast aluminium component is powder coated and engineered to be completely overqualified for their job.

Air Cooled Electro-Spindle. Big Power in a Small Package

Do not let the size fool you. Every i2R CNC machine comes with a standard 1HP 3-Phase 220V air cooled spindle, fueled by high tech VFD within the control box. Allowing users to plug into a standard household 110V outlet while quietly spooling up 24,0000 RPM capable of destroying almost any material.

Interlocking Aluminum T-Slot Table. Clamping Made Easy

This is a seriously strong table. The massive 30mm thick extruded aluminium table provides a strong, flat surface to support your material. Integrated T-slots allow placement of hold-down clamps in any location, and a sacrificial MDF spoil board ensures that your table will always remain flat and damage free.

Z-Axis Automatic Touch Off Tool. Touch and Go

Every i2R CNC machine ships with an automatic touch off tool for accurately setting Z zero. Simply slide the tool touch-off device beneath the bit, initiate the ‘Auto Touch-Off’ command on your UCCNC interface, and the bit length will automatically be determined and stored in the UCCNC software. Easy as Pie.

High Rigidity Aluminum Frame. Nothing will phase it

Our welded, structural aluminum frame is rigid and accurate. It supports all the heavy duty components like nobody's business. The frame is built around a solid base and offers mounting flanges in each corner to secure your CNC machine to our i2R stand or your work table.

High Torque Stepper Motors. Take the Highway

Each axis is controlled by a NEMA 23 equivalent high-torque stepper motor. Our motors rated for high duty cycles, and will provide thousands of hours of trouble-free precision. With incredible combination with ballscrews and linear guides, you will be leaving competition in the dust.

if 3 axis isn't enough, add on 4th axis rotary kit

Each I2R Machine is Ready for 4th Axis Rotary Add On Kit. Plug and Play. Expand your machines capabilities even further. Let you imagination run wild with projects.

Let There Be Light. OPT 6W Engraving Laser Kit. Add Some Light to Your Projects.

Each i2R Machine is Ready for Light. Simply Plug and Play after adding the Laser Kit. Powerful 6W Laser can engrave woods, leather, stainless steel and more!

UCcnc means = Remote login support. Need help? i2r tech support can remotely login and run diagnostic on your machine.

i2R Tech Support can remotely login to support you and your machine. CNC is easy once you get the hang of it. Learning is part of the fun and we are here to guide you down the road to success.

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Our CNC can cut anything from Woods, Plastics, Foams, Aluminium, Brass, Copper and many more.


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