Check Out This Incredible PC Build with an i2R CNC

Asus Omni Build by Derek Wilson

The best part about being a company that sells CNC machines is being able to see what the community does with our machines once they leave our warehouse. Every now and then we hear about a project that we find truly astonishing. This was the case with Asus's Omni PC build by Derek Wilson.

This is a fully functioning high performance PC computer housed inside a sculpture of OMNI, a character from Asus's ROG series. To get a full sense of just how detailed and complex of a project this is, you need to watch the series Asus put on their website highlighting the build. You can find the first episode here. In these episodes Derek gives details about the build process, along with some insight into how he started PC modding.
Our machine was utilized to create some of the structures seen in the build such as the gun stock, the legs, and the coolant reservoir. Derek utilized a variety of materials for this project such as pine, oak, and even 1" thick cast acrylic. This project is a great representation of the possibilities that independent creatives have thanks to the accessibility of industrial style machines on a small scale. Derek utilizes a combination of CNC and 3D printing in order to get a variety of different forms and structurally sound material. Take a look at the videos of this project to get inspiration for all you can do with those machines!
If you're interested in our CNC machines, you can find the model that Derek uses here. He used the 2'x3', 2 Horsepower, air cooled B-Series CNC machine. If you'd like to learn more about the other machines we offer, you can find their listings here, or you can give us a call at 347-987-3331. 

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