about i2r

Our Story

i2rCNC, a company under the ownership of Laneton International

embodies the extensive expertise of its founder, Lucas Chang, whose legacy spans thirty-five years of pioneering machinery manufacturing for renowned global brands.

Lucas’s narrative intertwines with the company’s trajectory, marked by the establishment of factories pivotal in crafting cutting-edge machinery technology for prominent players in the workshop machinery domain.

Presently, Laneton International is dedicated to advancing CNC automation through the production of i2r small format machines. These innovations empower light industry, entrepreneurs, prosumers, and educational institutions with the latest CNC technology, fostering opportunities in an evolving landscape of automation.

Outlined here are the notable milestones traversed by Lucas and Laneton, with an unwavering commitment to continued development in the years ahead.


Devils Tower Topography with I2R CNC Machine. Cutting Wood / Plywood

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