On this page you will find a range of Tips, Tricks, and troubleshoots for your machine.


Refer to our Troubleshooting Database if you are running into common errors while operating our machine. This database includes detailed explanations and solutions for issues such as running Demo Mode, triggering the Soft Limits, and more! 

Troubleshooting Database


If you need to view additional information related to our machine's, accessory's, or softwares, please refer to the Diagrams and Manuals folder. *Disclaimer*: Do Not Alter The Hardware Of Your Machine Or Control Box Without Conferring With i2R Support!

Diagrams and Manuals


To access a database of instructional documents and guides ranging from general project tips to installation instructions, please refer to our How To Guides. This covers setting up projects, repair and replace instructions, and software guides.

How To Guides


If your issue persists, or you don't see a document dedicated to your issue, feel free to reach out to us at