Amazon Affiliated Products

Below are some helpful products that you can easily get on Amazon. These recommended items will work well with your i2R CNC.

Laptops & Accessories

We recommend a laptop that has a direct ethernet port for connecting to your i2R UCCNC control box. If you buy a computer without an ethernet port, you can still use an USB to ethernet adapter like the one linked below. 


All i2R CNC machines run on single phase power. If you do not have 220v installed in your elecritrical, no problem! All our B, A and W series will work with these transformers. Simply plug them right into your 110v outlet and start machining! 

Dust Collection

Our dust shoe sizes have 2 options. The B Series dust shoe is 2.5 inch and all other models will fit 4 inch ports. 

For Laser

Handy Workshop Items