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Check Out This Incredible PC Build with an i2R CNC
Asus Omni Build by Derek Wilson The best part about being a company that sells CNC machines is being able to see what the community does with our machines once they leave our warehouse. Every now and then we hear about...
Sign Making 101 using i2R CNC. Tips for Wood Signs: Material, Finish, and Bit Selection
Introduction to Sign Making with a CNC. Complete tutorial and how to includes different types of woods and materials to use, painting and finishing options, bit selection, toolpaths, and more. I include a brief look at the Vectric VCarve Pro...
How To Set Up Your New i2R CNC Stand
This video walks you through the step by step process on how to assemble your brand new i2R CNC stand with laptop holder. Enjoy!     
UCCNC Exclusive Laser Plugin is NO JOKE!
Serious Details Can be achieved with this plugin.  Just a quick demo.
Building a Base Cabinet For NC Machine! I2RCNC 6
Check out CReeves Build his own table for his CNC!
Prototyping Dragon Knife Grips with i2R CNC
Trying out a fun take on making some knife grips.  
i2R CNC Making Wooden Light Saber
Check out the Rotary 4th Axis Fun you can have on i2R CNC
Grand Canyon Brought Home with i2R CNC
I2R CNC Making a piece of the Grand Canyon with Epoxy River
i2R CNC Aluminum Ace of Spades
i2R CNC Machining 6061 Aluminum Music
Copper Covid Key on i2R CNC
Testing out Some Copper Cuts on i2R CNC. Engraving could be done better. Probably will need to adjust the doc on engraving and rpm speed or use a drag bit for better results. Music:  
Double Sided Machining Toy Figure Hello Kitty
Double sided machining with dowel flip method. Just a fun project for the kids or toy figure collectors. Music: Scott Holmes
Chess Undead King 4th Rotary Axis with I2R CNC
i2R CNC 4th Axis Rotary Add On Highlight. Making Undead King Chess Piece
T Rex Brass Coin with i2R 8 CNC
i2R CNC Engraving a Brass Coin.     Music:
OPT 6W Laser Demo Predator Wood Movie Poster
i2R CNC using OPT 6W Laser attachment to etch Predator Movie Poster.       Music:
Giza Pyramids
i2R Making some Pyramids. Imagine it and Make it.       Music:
OPT Laser Mounts Cut on 6061 Aluminum with i2R CNC
i2R CNC Cutting 6061 Aluminum.     Music: