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New York-based company i2R CNCs has been telling us all about its plans to help America recover after a gruelling 2020. Under the grip of the pandemic, how can a CNC manufacturer help people out?

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Here at i2R CNCs, we felt like we had a mission to complete. We wanted to do our part, however small, to contribute to America’s recovery from the fallout of the pandemic. 2020 was a historic year for the United States and its citizens, and it changed the perspectives of many with regards to the values we hold dear.

As the American economy begins to get back on track, we wanted to help people achieve their goals using our CNC machines. During the peak of the pandemic, CNC machines played an important role in the manufacturing of PPEs for the healthcare industry.

Early on, face shields and plexiglass enclosures were in such high demand that it was difficult for businesses and institutions to acquire them. Local businesses who had CNC machines started to pitch in, changing their business models overnight to help front-line workers battle the virus.

I2R CNCs is located in New York City – at one point the epicenter of the pandemic. We experienced seeing our own lives altered within a matter of days. Our daily routines were completely thrown off course and people and businesses had no choice but to adapt and survive.

We were fortunate enough to be able to sustain our business through the pandemic. The first steps towards returning to normality are underway now that covid vaccinations are starting to roll out, along with a new stimulus package bill. The recovery process will take time. That is why we want to encourage individuals who might be on the fence about CNC to take the leap and better their businesses and lives.

CNC machines are a considerable investment for many, especially a machine that is built with quality and longevity in mind. Our machines are built tough and rigid, just like we believe America is. With a solid foundation and the right tools, new heights are within reach.

We will be offering all our main i2R CNC machines with a special package to make it more affordable for people in the market for a CNC machine in the hope that it will help individuals or businesses have easier access to CNC technology.

We plan to run this promotion from April to July 2021 to give ample time for anyone considering a CNC machine. As Americans get vaccinated and start to get their lives back, some may now also have a chance to get the tools they need.

About I2R CNCs

Our machines are built rigid for small business, woodworking enthusiasts, and schools. Our machines go beyond being simple hobby machines and are built to be able to handle small-scale business production.

Being a 3 in 1 system, our machine has 3 functionalities – CNC milling, laser engraving and cutting, and 4th axis rotary machining. Our system addons are plug-and-play, so you can purchase the CNC machine first and add other features at a later date if you wish.

Our CNC machines are all built on a solid aluminum frame with motors paired with high quality ball screws and prismatic linear guides on all 3 axes for optimum accuracy and longevity. The mechanical excellence of the construction is complemented by our state of the art CNC control software UCCNC, and every function of the machine can be controlled from your PC.

Each machine comes with an MDF spoilboard, automatic Z-axis touch-off probe, integrated T-slot tables, and a 1 HP air-cooled spindle. Our i2R 1 HP spindle is a 3-phase 220 V spindle powered by a 115 V VFD which allows users to plug the machine into a standard 110 V household outlet while still packing enough punch to shred materials.

Further information on the specifications of our machines can be found at www.i2rcnc.com

Offer Package

All i2R CNCs machines are supplied as standard with the following:

  • CNC Machine
  • Tool Box
  • Dust Shoe
  • 4 Clamps
  • Whiteside Starter Bit Set


I2R4 $3999
I2R6 $4499
I2R8 $4999

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