CNC Wooden Beer Taps

We used Oramask 813 from Oracal which you can get on Amazon. It is great for CNC as it doesn't tear up and get shredded  vs using just regular painters tape.

After applying the masking, it was a simple set up of our job origin which was from the bottom left hand corner. After setting the zero positions on the x,y, and z it was off to cutting.

The tool used was an SC64 from Whiteside. The tool parameters and bit used are below:

This process is simple and quick as the only thing the operator needs to do is swap out the new stock material, clamp it and then click reload/rewind the same toolpath file in the UCCNC. 

After the cuts were finished we simple applied two coats of spray paint with various colors and finished. 

We hope you enjoy this video and can get some inspiration from it. 


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