Fine Woodworking Shop Webinar: Introduction to i2R CNC, Inlaying Wooden Batman Board

In case you missed our live webinar of CNC Made Simple with Fine Woodworking, watch below!

We demonstrated the robust features and components of the i2R CNC and give an overview of the setup and installation. If you ever wanted to know what to expect when buying a CNC machine, this webinar is for you. Participants learned the design and machining process required to go from an idea to final product.

We also went over how to use some of the basic features of  VCarve to make an inlayed cutting board. We covered the process on how to create a wooden inlay using just a CNC machine. This featured a batman logo that was inlayed onto wood with your standard CNC bits. The end result was a crafty cutting board that can be used everyday. Have a look! 

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  • Paul Ask

    I have a BobsCNC..made of wood and screws. Will I see a definite improvement if I jump to a i2R? What will be my initial investment for a 2×2 i2R?

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