How to Surface Your CNC Router Spoilboard

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In this tutorial we go through the key steps to show you how to surface your CNC router MDF spoilboard to make it ready for use. Spoilboards are also often called sacrificial boards or even bleeder boards so if you see people using those terms you will know what they are referring to.

Spolboards need to be made of material that is solid enough that it will not compress when the vacuum pump is used. The material also needs to have sufficient porosity to allow good airflow. MDF is the most common material which meets these requirements and that is what we use in our CNC machines.

The steps that we cover in the video are :

Step 1 – Set up your project file

Step 2 – Create the vector

Step 3 – Create the toolpath

Step 4 – Save the toolpath

Step 5 – Setting up your machine

Step 6 – Running the toolpath

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