Cycle Start Checklist

cycle start checklist

There’s nothing more frustrating than a CNC cut going awry, especially if it’s due to avoidable moments of user error. After running into our own fair share of “projects that could have been,” we decided it would be best to create a checklist of the most essential precautions you can take to avoid missteps during your cut.

The checklist is available for download at the bottom of this article through Google Drive. We recommend printing it out and keeping it by your machine for that extra reminder as you cut.

Cycle Start Checklist

  1. Fully Tighten Bit
    When touching your spindle make sure the machine is either off or in reset mode. Make sure your collet is tightened to the spindle as much as possible using wrenches.
  2. Home the Machine
    Press “Home All” in UCCNC
    (only needed at the beginning of the cut)
  3. Secure Your Material
    Make sure the material doesn’t shift by pushing on the sides and down on the top.
  4. Check Material Border
    Using the yellow dot in the UCCNC toolpath preview, follow the outline of your cut. Make sure your spindle on the machine doesn’t hit any clamps or go past the material boundary.
  5. Set Z-Zero
    Make sure with each new bit you set a new Z-Zero position.
  6. Load Correct Toolpath
    Always best to make sure the toolpath loaded in UCCNC is the one you want to cut at this time.
  7. Set and Secure Dust Collector
    For those using dust collection (which we recommend), make sure the collector is tightly secured to the spindle and that the shop vac is using a different circuit than the machine in order to prevent a surge.
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