Room Name Sign – Plywood & MDF
I've been loving having I2R CNC machine in the shop, after a quick programming in V-carve the machine was all ready for cutting with a Freud 1/4" Downcut spiral bit.
Wireless Charging Night Stand | i2RCNC Helps the Process
It only took a few minutes to get the wireless charger cutout done with I2R CNC 8.
CNC Carving a 3D Wooden Stormtrooper Skull
Machining 3d carvings with your CNC router is a great way to diversify your skills and projects either for fun or for your business. In this project we ran a 3D toolpath that carved the Storm trooper skull out of walnut wood.
How to machine copper with your cnc router
How to Machine Copper With Your CNC Router
How to Machine Plastic With Your CNC Router
Acrylic Longboard with Wooden Inlay
How to trace an image for CNC cutting
Image bitmapping is the act of taking a digital photo and converting it to a vector outline that can be used to create a toolpath for your CNC. For this walkthrough, we will be using Vectric's V-Carve software.
CNC Wooden Beer Taps
i2R CNC American Recovery Campaign
CNC Machines Explained
Fine Woodworking Shop Webinar: Introduction to i2R CNC, Inlaying Wooden Batman Board
7 Beginner Tips For CNC Machining Plastic