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At Imagination to Reality we are focused on building the best small workshop and hobbyist CNC routers that you can get, with the features you want,  at a price you can afford. This is why our affordable I2R CNC Routers are packed with advanced features and ruggedly built to exacting standards.

CNC Router Hardware

Every I2R CNC Router is built in solid aluminium with ball screw guide rails and a high power air-cooled electro spindle.

Movement is controlled by High-torque NEMA 23 equivalent stepper motors for absolute precision. A Z-Axis touch-off tool is included to ensure perfect registration of your cuts.

No pulleys, no belts, no gearboxes – only precision.

  • Gravity Cast Solid Aluminium Structure
  • Prismatic Linear Guide Rails With Precision Ball Screws
  • 1 HP 24,000 RPM Electro-Spindle
  • Z-Axis Touch-Off Tool
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CNC Router Setup Packages

At I2R we provide a range of standard setup packages suitable for most uses straight out of the box. All our CNC machine packages are bundled with everything you need to get started, including software.

Available in three platform sizes from 24”x24” to 24”x48” to match the scale of your ambitions! Add from our wide range of accessories to match any specialist or specific requirements you may have.

i2R Starter Pack


Available in three sizes to fit any scale of project. Comes with G-Code compatible PC control software and a full set of hold down clamps. Add your choice of bits and you’re ready to go!

I2R Advanced Pack



Everything you need to realize your CNC dreams in a convenient, rugged, cost-effective bundle. Includes clamps, dust extractor, cutting and routing bits as well as PC controller software.

I2R Pro Pack



Our versatile, fully equipped pack for the CNC professional. Everything in the Advanced pack plus 4th-Axis and laser engraving kits. Includes professional engraving and carving bits.

High Production
Executive Series

The i2R Executive CNC series represents our most advanced development working with the UCCNC controller.

This series caters to users with high production requirements offering high speed, torque and precision capabilities that can only be found high end machines but for fraction of the cost.

Customize your set up to suit your creative needs

CNC Router Software

There’s no point investing in a CNC router machine if controlling it is a nightmare. That is why all our CNC routers come packaged with UCCNC software enabling you to control all features of your new CNC router from your laptop.

UCCNC offers real-time control functions and cross compatibility with standard CNC design formats. Remote Login enables our support team to assist you rapidly and easily as you learn to use your new router.

  • Reads CAD/CAM G-Code
  • VCarve Compatible
  • Real-time Control Enabled
  • Remote Login Support
i2R CNC routers


Our CNC Router packages include all the tools and software to get you started working in wood, plastic or metal. To customise your CNC machine we offer freestanding or table top configurations and a range of accessories to suit your particular needs.

These include a rotary 4th axis and 6W laser engraver as well as a wide range of cutting tools, clamps and software options.

  • Ready-to-Carve Router Packages
  • Cutting in Wood, Plastic & Metal
  • Wide Range of Accessories for Carving, Engraving & Turning
  • Online Forum & Educational Materials
  • Technical Support for Software & Hardware

Our Community

Learn from and inspire other designers through our online community of CNC router users. Our active forum enables you to share tips and get advice on set up and settings for a wide range of different materials and design types.

If you’re new to CNC routers, our YouTube channel features instructional videos to help you on the way to realising the designs of your dreams, or just drop in on the Forum and ask experienced users for help and tips!