AODi2R - Axiom Overarm Dust System


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The Axiom Overhead Dust System includes everything you need to connect to your ADS110 dust shoe, including mounting hardware, flex-hose and hose clamps, and is adjustable to fit any Axiom i2R-2, i2R-6 or i2R-8 CNC router.

Your dusty shop has met its match.

Connecting the moving dust port on a CNC router to a dust collector is often a difficult undertaking. The large working envelope requires a delicate balance between rigid duct, flex-hose, and the appropriate placement of each.

Our new Overhead Dust Accessory simplifies the process.

Once installed, this exciting new accessory connects your Axiom Dust Shoe to a smooth, rigid tube via a soft, flexible, clear length of dust hose. Now your dust collector can be easily connected to the 2 1/2” port located at the rear of your Axiom CNC machine.

In stock


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