4 Pc - Specialist Astra Coated Bit Set (Bits&Bits)


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4 Pc – Specialist Astra Coated Bit Set (Bits&Bits)

Match this with any i2R Series CNC. This set includes one of each bit. Great for a variety of cutting like foam, wood, aluminum, plastics, and cutting for 3D jobs with an extra long bit for hard to reach 3D toolpaths. 

  1.  XL14-420C- 2″ Length of cut, Square coated Long Flute End Mill. 
  2. 425-ST250- Foam Cutter Upcut spiral bit.
  3. 425-UP125- O flute Upcut for Aluminum & Plastics.
  4. 4TEB12-032-3FL- 1/32″ Tapered ball nose for 3D finishing.

How does Bits & Bits’ Astra Coating extend the life of your bits?

During any type of cutting process, the cutting bit endures heat created by the friction and abrasion of the bit moving through the material. This friction and abrasion is a major cause of bit wear, resulting in the cutting edge dulling or deteriorating, causing burning, a rough finish and vibration.

Astra Coating is an applied multi-layered surface coating that lowers the friction coefficient of the bit, which allows the bit to cut smoother and faster while keeping friction heat down. This in turn will extend the life of the bit. Astra Coating is effective in wood, metals, aluminum, brass, and plastics, allowing faster speed and feed rates. 

Made in USA by Bits&Bits

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