2.2kW Vacuum pump solution


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NOTE: you cannot use a vacuum table with a standard vacuum cleaner for any significant duration of time. It is a fire hazard. The pump system shown here includes a vacuum pump designed to work under pressure (which is what is needed to good vacuum clamping) for prolonged periods of use. The package also comes with all the necessary under pressure and safety connections.

While the pumps are designed to work with “under pressure” you cannot close off a pump completely for flow as it will over heat. The package comes with a pre installed and tuned under pressure valve. NOTE the pressure gauge addition is an additional item and is not included

Component features:

  • Single phase vacuum pumps 2,2kW.
  • Safe vacuum solution – with integrated thermal overload protection
  • Under pressure values of -190mBar and -210Mbarm
  • Includes all required fittings to connect to vacuum tables (provided vac table has large gland fitting)
  • Filter provided as part of system to protect your pump from harmful particles entering
  • NOTE: you cannot just close off the flow to a pump. It will overheat. You must have an underpressure release valve. Or you have a fire hazard – this is supplied as standard
  • Pre installed underpressure device safe levels of pressure and pump performance

In stock


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