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Win a CNC Sweepstakes
Win a CNC Sweepstakes

Win a CNC Sweepstakes


Enter for a chance to win $8,000 CNC Machine.

Winner will be selected at random 2 weeks before Christmas and ship to you before the Holidays.

Only 1 ticket Per Customer. Shipping must be paid for by winner. ($350-$750 Depending on your location)

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How it works:

With the securement of a raffle ticket, your name is entered into a pool of contestants. Your name is entered one (1) time into the pool. At the end of the purchasing time (12/08/2022), the list of names will be entered into a digital random name selector to ensure complete randomization.

There will be two (2) winners. The first round of selecting will win our 2 horsepower B.24 CNC machine. The second round will win our 3 horsepower A.24 CNC machine. Your name is automatically included into both selection rounds with the acquisition of a single ticket. The winners will be contacted directly to assure their ability to receive the machines, and then the winners will be listed publicly. Shipping must be covered by the winning party. Depending on location, shipping will cost up to an estimated $750. Please only enter this sweepstakes if you are serious about acquiring one of our machines. We will announce the winners within the first week of December and ship the machines by the middle of that month. 

What exactly do you get?

Regardless of which machine you win, you will receive:

  • A High Quality CNC Machine
  • A Heavy Duty Stand
  • CNC Control Box
  • UCCNC Software

About the machines

Both machines included in our giveaway are floor model CNC machines that we have operated in house for the purposes of content creation. They are tested, well maintained, and fully functioning CNC machines. Although they are used and out of their original box, they are "like new" condition. The noticeable wear and tear is on the MDF spoil board, but the machine itself, all components, and all electronics are guaranteed to perform with high quality. 

Our  B.24:

This specific machine has been used in our shop since last October. We've never had any issues with it, but it was phased out from our content creation when we changed our machine color plate to white instead of black. This machine's specs are identical to the white B.24 machines we currently sell. For a full list of specs and details, please visit our B-Series 2 Horsepower page. Here are some basic specifications for this machine:

  • 2 Horsepower Air-Cooled Spindle
  • ER 16 Collet Size
  • 2' (x) x 4' (y) Workspace
  • 220 V Outlet

Our  a.24:

This is one of the first ever i2R A Series CNC Machines. We've had this machine around the shop for over a year, but only recently put it to work. This machine was phased out after a shipment of our new A-Series machines came in due to purely cosmetic reasons. For a full list of specs and details, please visit our A-Series CNC page. Here are some basic specifications for this machine:

  • 3 Horsepower Liquid-Cooled Spindle
  • ER 20 Collet Size
  • 2' (x) x 4' (y) Workspace
  • 220 V Outlet

Our  Stands

Our heavy duty steel CNC stands are the only thing that you can fully trust to maintain the rigidity of your machine. Our built in leveling feet allow you to precisely adjust the level of your machine, plus keep it grounded on all 4 feet. The stands also include rolling casters that allow for easy movement of the machine around your shop. The stand for both our A-Series, and our B-Series comes fully included in the winning bundle. (Toolbox not included)

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