i2R Focused on Quality

Quality in Concept,
& Creation

At I2R our mission is to provide precision, reliability and ease of use through an absolute focus on quality. The concept and construction of our CNC routers enables our customers to transform their imagination into reality. 

We build the best CNC routers for the small workshop and home hobbyist to support your desire to create beautiful, functional and perfectly finished results. This is why we put quality front and center at every stage of the process of designing our CNC machines.


At the concept and design stage we integrate three foundational principles of excellent CNC machine design:

Scaled to Your Requirements

Precision in Construction & Operation

Ease of Control

At the heart of I2R CNC machine designs is our knowledge and awareness of the wide range of possible roles our CNC routers need to be able to perform. Cutting, routing, carving, turning, and engraving in wood, plastic and metal. 

Our CNC routers are designed to enable you to manufacture anything you can imagine. Whether it’s a practical functional object or a finely finished piece of art, rest assured that there’s an I2R CNC machine that can make it.


Precision cutting and carving on a CNC machine is limited by how well the machine controls vibration and movement of the cutting tool and the workpiece.

High quality CNC machining is only earned through rigid construction, the security of the workpiece, taking firm control of the spindle, and excellent spatial positioning through the software/hardware interface.


Friction and slack are the enemies of precision in CNC machine designs. At I2R we achieve the lowest possible friction coefficients and tightest tolerances by minimising unwanted movement of our drive components.

  • Linear Guide Rails
  • Ball Screws

Linear Guide Rails

Our linear guide rails utilize recirculating bearings between a prismatic rail and a bearing block able to take loads in all directions. The coefficient of friction on our linear guides is a very small fraction of the friction caused by traditional round guides. This greatly enhances accuracy of movement and is a key feature behind the high precision of our CNC machines.

Precision Ball Screws

Pulleys, drive belts and gear boxes add slack and vibration, reducing precision and wrecking cuts and finishes. That’s why you won’t find us using them in our CNC machines, which are driven by high-precision ball screws on each axis

Recirculating ball bearings have tight tolerances and offer unmatched accuracy within 0.15mm. Ball screws have very low internal friction, while withstanding high thrust loads at incredible feed rates. Compared to the high friction lead screws, rollers, pulleys, gear boxes and rack and pinion systems offered by competitors, i2R offers unbeatable accuracy. 


The rigidity and durability of our CNC router construction is in a class of its own. Competitors relying on cheap plastic components can’t match the strength and resilience of our gravity cast and welded aluminum engineering 

  • Gravity Cast Aluminum Engineering
  • Welded Structural Aluminum Frame
  • Interlocking Aluminum T-Slot Table

Gravity Cast Aluminum Engineering

The more powerful and capable your CNC machine, the greater the moving forces it has to keep under control. Heavy components traveling at high speeds have significant inertia. Horizontal gantry crossbeams and vertical gantry uprights have to absorb that force without distortion or vibration to maintain precision.

The gantry crossbeam and uprights on I2R CNC machines are made from powder coated gravity cast aluminum for strength and rigidity.

Some CNC machine manufacturers cut costs by using lightweight, flexible plastics for gantries, even disguising them under thin aluminum covers. If you have a close look you’ll often find these key components are really made of ABS plastic, and not suitable for high precision work.

At the concept stage we design our aluminum gantries to tolerances far in excess of the forces they need to resist, even when carving and cutting at high speeds and feed rates.

Welded Structural Aluminum Frame

Our welded, structural aluminum frame is extremely rigid for maximum accuracy. Securely positioning heavy components without fuss. The frame is built around a solid base and has mounting flanges in each corner. This gives you the option to secure your CNC machine to one of our i2R stands or your existing work table.

Interlocking Aluminum T-Slot Table

Poor clamping and hold-down failures are two common causes of damaged work and poor finishing.  Your work deserves a solid foundation, which is why I2R CNC machines feature a 30mm thick extruded aluminum table. 

Our aluminum table provides a very strong, rigid, flat surface to support your material. Integrated T-slots allow placement of hold-down clamps in any location, and a sacrificial MDF spoil board ensures that your table will always remain flat and damage free.


At I2R we specify our components to last, with sufficient power that any CNC machining operation is almost effortless, and always under total control. Our high quality motors have the power to control backlash and vibration while CNC carving, cutting, routing and turning.

  • High Torque Stepper Motors
  • Air Cooled Electro-Spindle

High Torque Stepper Motors

There’s no point having precision guides and ball screws if you can’t drive them with absolute precision. This is why each axis of an I2R CNC machine is controlled by a powerful NEMA 23 equivalent high-torque stepper motor. 

Our stepper motors are rated for high duty cycles, providing thousands of hours of trouble-free and precise operation. The combination of high-torque stepper motors with prismatic guide rails and ball screws is an unbeatable combination for rapid start-stop operation, zero backlash, and maximum accuracy.

Air Cooled Electro-Spindle

How do you provide effortless power with minimal size and weight? The answer is our 1HP 3-Phase 220V air cooled electro-spindle. Fitted as standard to all I2R CNC machines and driven by a state of the art VFD in the control box. 

Intelligent motor management and electronic regulation enables you to plug into a standard household 110V outlet and immediately get 24,000 RPM of quiet, almost unstoppable, cutting power. Air cooling minimises size and weight to further control inertia forces at high feed rates for maximum precision. 


Our goal is to enable you to create the best that you can imagine without being limited by your tools. 

Accessories & Software

Our packs provide small workshop CNC machines with precision and reliability that rivals industrial models, as well as a wide range of accessories and software to unleash your creativity.

  • Z-Axis Automatic Touch-Off Tool
  • UCCNC CNC Control Software
  • 4th Axis Rotary Kit
  • 6W Laser Engraving Kit

Z-Axis Automatic Touch-Off Tool

Every i2R CNC machine ships with an automatic touch off tool for accurately setting Z zero.

Simply slide the tool touch-off device beneath the bit, initiate the ‘Auto Touch-Off’ command on your UCCNC interface, and the bit length will automatically be determined and stored in the UCCNC software. Just touch and go!

UCCNC CNC Control Software

There are many great features of the UCCNC CNC control software we supply with every I2R CNC machine package.

  • Touch Screen Support
  • Real Time Control
  • 3D Feedback During Cuts
  • Reads G-Code
  • Control Everything Straight From Your PC

UCCNC is the best CNC control solution on the market. The software reads the G-code created from various CAD/CAM packages such as VCarve. You can control every function of the CNC machine straight from your PC regardless of your style of working or type of project.

4th Axis Rotary Kit

For turning and lathe style CNC machining, every I2R Machine is built ready to add a 4th Axis Rotary Kit.

Because our machines are designed from the concept stage to accept the widest possible range of features and customisation this is a simple plug-and-play add on to add versatility to your projects and expand your capabilities. 

6W Laser Engraving Kit

CNC machines are often used for carving and engraving. You can engrave wood, leather, even stainless steel with our powerful 6W engraving laser.

Like our other customisations and add-on kits the 6W Laser Engraving Kit is plug-and-play, so there’s no fiddly set-up required.


Customer Support & Development Programme

There’s a fourth ‘C’...

There’s a fourth ‘C’… and that’s you, the customer. We can construct CNC machines from excellent concepts to give you creative control, but it doesn’t end there. We also provide remote support for any software and control questions and challenges you may have, as well as an online forum, project articles and video guides to help you share and get the best out of your experiences.